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Building, Repairing and Refurbishing Gas Distribution Systems

From gas meter modernization programs to replacing entire gas distribution systems, 3P Utility Services (a minority-controlled nationwide firm) has the highly trained project managers and union crews who can safely deliver a job anywhere, on time and on budget.

Installing gas mains and related services

Whether your project requires constructing new service or refurbishing deteriorating pipes, 3P Utility Services has the experience and crews to construct steel and plastic mains, service lines and risers.

Joint trenching for gas and other utilities

Building and replacing gas distribution infrastructure is job one for 3P Utility Services, but we’re experts in working with and around telecommunications, electric and other utility services.

Horizontal directional drilling, or HDD

Our crews specialize in using the latest equipment to safely undertake HDD to install pipes without disturbing yards, pavement or environmentally sensitive areas. With our high-tech HDD steering equipment, we can undertake pipe-laying activities under parking areas and streets without affecting businesses and their customers.

Vacuum, or soft-dig, excavation

By using vacuum excavation trucks, we safeguard our crews by allowing them to stay above ground, while the equipment digs below; soft digging means no metal, moving parts to potentially strike a gas, electric or other utility line. Suction digging is cleaner and quieter than traditional digging, so 3P Utility Services reduces the level of disruption for local communities. It’s good for the environment, too, because we can reuse excavated material when refilling holes.

Relocating and modernizing meters

To help investor-owned utilities with their meter modernization programs, we’ve replaced, and when necessary, relocated millions of meters to give utility customers a real-time look at their gas usage. Utilities of all sizes call on us to carry out these programs to give them a modern system for seeing gas consumption as it happens and help their customers save energy.

Planning gas distribution infrastructure projects

Refurbishing and replacing gas distribution mains and service lines impacts streets, homes and businesses in urban, suburban and rural communities, so we closely follow our utility customer’s safety practices and operations and maintenance standards to minimize risk and protect their customers and our crews. We do that by staying abreast of best practices, training our teams and completing and renewing operator qualifications.

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