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3P Utility Services, is a minority-controlled company and union contractor, that safely builds, repairs and improves America’s gas distribution infrastructure.

Build & Repair

Whether we’re starting from scratch, or making what’s old new again, safely constructing gas distribution infrastructure is what we’re laser-beam focused on every day.


To safely get where the work is and cause minimal, if any, disruption to what’s around the job, we use the best drilling, digging and trenching technology and techniques.


For utilities like Nicor Gas, we’ve successfully delivered modernization programs that numbered millions of meters. Modernizing, relocating, we do that and more.

About Us

Every day, we safely build, repair and improve America’s gas distribution infrastructure. Our work powers businesses, government offices and homes. Wherever we go, whatever we work on and whomever we work for, our passion is safety and making what we build the best.


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  • For situations where crews are working all day with a hydrovac truck that’s burning gallons and gallons of fuel per hour, an electric solution could be interesting,” said Patrick Kramer, a project manager for 3P Utility Services, a minority-controlled union contractor specializing in gas distribution infrastructure.

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